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Winds of Change
by schubi on 31.08.2008, 23:27
... No, I haven't had too much mushy peas for dinner. The change is with this blog and the winds are just a metapher - yet Smile
I'm currently playing around with wordpress and its themes and plugins, the software for my phone to upload posts from out and about and how secure its is in regard to retarded spammers using it for their evil deeds. Once I've figured all this out, I'll switch this blog over to wordpress, or not. We'll see. But I sure hope to have comments available again soon.

Nein, die Winde der Veränderung wehen nicht als Konsequenz einer Erbsensuppe, die Veränderung betrifft dieses Blog und die Winde sind bloss ne Metapher. Ich spiele gerade mit Wordpress herum, welches extra für's bloggen gedacht ist. Teste die oberfläche und die technik unter der haube. Wenn mir das alles zusagt, ziehe ich dieses blog um. Dann gibt's hoffentlich auch bald wieder Kommentare. Diese dämlichen Spambrüder haben mich hier ganz schön genervt. Na mal sehen.
IBM Lotus iNotes 8.5 Ultra Lite mode - on the N95 browser
by blog on 06.09.2008, 23:58
For those of you who know my professional career, you will know that I am one of those strange people who prefer Lotus Notes to any other business email solution and rich client environment out there. And while there are a few who are rather stuck with something that originated as a gimmick in Windows 3.11 - this blog post is for the believers and those who want to join us Wink

Lotus has recently launched the public beta of its upcoming Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 products.

Lotus Notes is a client application while Lotus Domino is a communication and application server. A major component of this environment is business email and calendaring. In the past, Lotus provided a web interface to its Email system called "DWA - Domino Web Access". Lotus continues to do so in 8.5 - only names it "iNotes" - perhaps an homage to the predecessor of DWA, perhaps just to be "hip" in those iTimes of ours.

Okay, to cut this long story short - iNotes in Lotus Domino 8.5 provides a so-called "Ultra Lite" interface mode, a very light-weight web-interface, which is thought to run very nicely on Apple's iPhone/iPod touch as a web application.

I don't like the iPhone for a number of reasons and am a true friend of NOKIA's N95 - despite the public hate campaign that went on in my native Germany a few months back.

Now the N95 uses a web browser based on the same technology as the browser used in the iPhone and as a consequence, I thought that the iNotes 8.5 mail interface should work reasonably well on the N95 too.

And it does!

I installed the public beta (available here) of Lotus Domino 8.5, set up a test user (and its mail file) and opened the mail database in my N95 browser.

As a picture says more than 1000 words, here are the screenshots that should speak for themselves.

Well, all good things start off with authentication:

Which when successful lead us to the iNotes main page

Let's look at the Inbox and how to create an email:

Et voila:

Upon refreshing the inbox, we'll see the new mail which I conveniently sent to myself:

Opening the memo and displaying its details looks like this:

With the Inbox no longer empty, the main/start/overview page displays a "1" in front of the Inbox icon:

And the memo we just wrote and sent appears in the Sent-folder:

Here a quick view at the "Day at a glance" view, which is empty in my test environment, but should display all calendar entries of a given day when used productively:

Another useful item is the personal address book which can be easily accessed from the N95 now:

Let's create a new contact:

And handy enough we can create a new memo directly from a contact document:

Just like in the "real" Notes Email Database, the Trash folder takes deleted documents and provides the possibility to restore memos or to delete them for good:

Well - thats it for a first quick and dirty glance at the Lotus Domino 8.5 public beta 2 iNotes mail template in Ultra lite mode on a NOKIA N95.

Don't forget to close the browser (window) to destroy any session-related credentials. Wink
7. September - mal wieder ein sonniger Tag
by blog on 07.09.2008, 22:56
... Wink Es ist schon erstaunlich, wie der 7. September seit 29 Jahren immer wieder ein sonniger Tag ist. Zufall? Vermutlich! Nichtsdestotrotz, ein schoener Zufall.

...Wink Isn't it amazing how September 7th seems to be a sunny beautiful day every year for the past 29 years? A coincidence? Probably - yet a very nice coincidence.

Mit Lotus Notes waere das nicht passiert ;-)
by blog on 24.09.2008, 12:23
Das Weisse Haus in Washington hat bekanntgegeben, dass es eine groessere Zahl an Emails aus der Zeit um den Angriff auf Irak nicht mehr auffinden kann. Als Grund wird unter anderem die Migration von Lotus Notes auf ein bekanntes Emailsystem aus Redmond angegeben.

externer link:
Click here for information on how the White House lost a large number of emails dating back to the time around the attack on Iraq due to the migration from Lotus Notes to an email system from a Redmond based software company
Chinese Space Agency and StarTrek's Starfleet ;-)
by blog on 28.09.2008, 03:01
If one compares the logos / emblems of the Chinese National Space Administration:
Wenn man die Logos/Embleme der Chinesischen Raumfahrtbehoerde:

...and of StarTrek's Starfleet - the military wing of the United Federation of Planets:
...und der Sternenflotte - dem militaerischen Arm der Foederation der Vereinigten Planeten bei StarTrek:

a certain resemblance cannot be denied.
vergleicht, kann meine eine gewisse Aehnlichkeit nicht leugnen.

Now, I'm not implying that the Chinese Space Agency is a militaristic bunch of science fiction heads - I rather think it is very cool to not only see StarTrek inspire technological advance but also the progress of Chinese people in terms of space exploration.

Ich will damit nicht sagen, dass die Chinesische Raumfahrtbehoerde ein Haufen futuristischer Militaers ist, im Gegenteil, schoen, dass StarTrek nicht nur den technologischen Fortschritt inspiriert hat, sondern auch das chinesische Volk zur Erforschung des Weltraums.
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