The age of digital radio in Ireland... has come to an end
by schubi on 28.11.2008, 18:23

Earlier this week I bought my first ever DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radio receiver in a local super market (was on offer and according to the reviews a pretty good deal). I was delighted to find my favourite radio station -

Phantom 105.2 - quality sounds only
on the list of private (as in not-government-run) broadcasters.

The quality of the audio signal is truly amazing - no noise, no cracking, pure digital beauty. Then I read about how all private DAB broadcasters will go off the air on November 30th 2008 with only the government-run RTE remaining in the field.

I texted the crowd at Phantom and their CEO rang me back to explain this to me:

DAB broadcasting for commercial broadcasters was only running as a trial for the past two years. This trial period hasn't been extended so that there's no legal frame work for commercial DAB broadcasting in the Republic of Ireland from Monday on. RTE can remain on air, since they're not bound to the same regulatory frame work them being the national broadcaster.

So not only will Ireland be back in the digital radio stone age from Monday on, the Irish broadcasting regulator also stabbed free market competition in the radio sector in the proverbial back.

Ireland is ridiculing herself by the day ... the health system at a third-world level, traffic chaos like a metroplis-turned Brazilian village, a school-system run by the church and underpaid by the government and now a tremendous step back in terms of digital radio broadcasting. Super!
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