Another website going to turn belly-up soon.
by schubi on 26.05.2007, 01:45
What started off as a good idea is now turning into yet another money-hungry rip-off website.

The once-great OnlineTVrecorder website has introduced a new points system not only offering extra services for points won through clicking banners or donating money, but they have now actually turned towards punishing anyone who doesn't click the primitive ads on their website by denying them the basic functionality of the service.

That's great - they've lured people into getting used to their service just to rip them off now.

I sincerely hope they'll run out of dumb sheep to support their evil system, the courts sue their managers privately so they can be fined more than what they've robbed of the people out there and eventually ... and most of all, may the global warming and its rising sea levels flood their little letter-box company in Antigua.
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