Bringing the fun back into the soccer world cup ???

by schubi on 15.06.2006, 00:36
I was going to tell youse about a fun website in connection to the soccer world cup 2006 in Germany, but I won't, 'cause I found out that the whole thing is a scam whose sole purpose is to make people visit certain websites and make their operators rich-ish.

Ich wollte Euch von einer lustigen WM - Website erzaehlen, aber nachdem sich das ganze als Beschiss herausgestellt hat, habe ich die URL wieder geloescht. Die Seiten sind getuerkt und dienen nur dazu, ihre Betreiber reicher zu machen.

So the text below is merely for documentary purposes, don't check out the website, its not worth it.

Der untenstehende Text ist also nur zu Dokumentationszwecken. Geht nicht auf die Website, es lohnt sich nicht.


.. fuer alle Deutschsprachigen findet sich alles wesentliche auf der folgenden Website, fuer die anderen uebersetze ich unten Smile


... which simply translates into "Sven's world cup bet" .. that Sven guy (who isn't me by the way, just happens to have the same name) made a bet with a (female) friend of his, stating that if between June 10 2006 and the final day of the word cup 2006 (8 July?) more than 5 million visitors viewed his website, she'd run naked over the pitch during the final match. With every million visitors until the 5 million mark, she'd reveal a photo of herself to the web community.

A normal picture at 1 million, a thong pic at 2 million, a topless one at 3 million, a nude pic at 4 million and well, as I said, she promised to cross the world cup final's soccer pitch naked if more than 5 million visitors make it.

Now wouldn't that be a good reason to watch the finals, even if your favourite team doesn't make it (sorry Poland Wink...

So check it out if you like.

in diesem ... Sinne: Sinn Frei!

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